Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in our range.

It is the result of over twenty years in the hairdressing trade, a rather useful perspective to judge the good from the average in the retail jungle. Our products are all based on plant (essential) oils. Firstly, because they are a growing trend and look set to remain so.

All our shampoos and conditioners are R60 per unit
(excluding p&p)

There is no compromise in the formulations whatsoever, we manufacture to a standard, not a price. All products have a slight acidic PH value (adjusted with fruit acids) to maintain the protective mantle of hair and scalp. We use no artificial colours or fragrances as they add nothing of value and may cause irritation. What you smell is what you get: plant oils in a bottle.

The packaging is all sourced locally from quality suppliers with removable labels being used to aid recycling, it's high time we supported local enterprise and the jobs that are created by it. Our concept and artwork proudly reflect our South African heritage and culture; traditional healers the world over have used plants as their cosmetic and medicine chest for centuries, an option that finds increasing favour in the modern world.


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